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Agrigento Catania Enna, Caltanissetta Messina Palermo Ragusa Siracusa Trapani Isole Egadi Isole Eolie Isole Pelagie Pantelleria
From the dark lava reef, a witness of Mt. Etnaís ancient
eruptions, you can admire the enchanting sea views. If you prefer the beach, the long stretch of sand is the best place for a great tan.

According to the historian Tucitide, it was the first Greek colony in Sicily, founded in 735 B.C. A suggestive legend says that the first Grecian to set foot on the shores of Naxos was Teocle.

Taormina is the most popular place in Sicily among tourists. Situated at 670 feet on the sea level on a mountain in front of the Mt. Etna volcano (you canít miss the wonderful view from here) the town was founded in 358 B.C., from Grecians coming from Naxos.

Fiume AlcantaraThe Alcantara Gorge
Many torrents spring from Nebrodi Mountains in the north of Etna but the big volcano conveys all them in two rivers, Simeto and Alcantara, flowing into the Tirreno and Ionio seas.

Formed by the volcanic activity of the famous Mount Etna, the stunning basalt formation known as the Alcantara Gorge lies on the Alcantara River about twenty minutes drive south west of Taormina. During the summer, when actually the river is more similar to a torrent, visitors are permitted to bathe in the cool, refreshing water that flows through the amazing rock formations taking in this remarkable spot of natural beauty.

Parco naturale della Riviera dei Ciclopi/The natural park of Cyclops Riviera
In the sea, in front of the fishermen village of Acitrezza you can admire the Faraglioni, stunning basalt formations, that according to legend were thrown by the Cyclops Polifemo on Ulyssesí ships escaping from the island.

It is the highest volcano in Europe -11000 feet above sea level - It is still active and is only 600000-year old !!

Going up from the coast the view changes, from basal formations modelled by the sea waves, to the mountain, with vineyards, fruit trees, until the woods of walnuts, pines, chestnuts, oaks and birches.

Above 2300 feet a.s.l. the lava rocks replace trees and vegetation and are covered with snow in the winter.


Wonderful flavours and great wines

Il Vigneto
A different way to spend your holidays in a picturesque Sicilian village lying between Mount Etna and the Ionian sea.

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