Scopello is a seventeenth century courtyard surrounded by a few houses standing very close together, a small paved square, a stone drinking-trough.

The tall Bennistra Tower dominates a green valley.

Higher up towards the summit of Mount Sparagio (1200mt), there is the Wood of Scopello, where once deer, wolves and wild boar roamed.

The woods remind us of the times of Ferdinando III and of hishunting parties. It was he who chose it as his royal game preserve. The land was witness to historical events and is surrounded by an air of mistery, fed by legends and stories that folk used to tell their children. Scopello has a fascinating and involving atmosphere, its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable.

Piazza Nettuno, 3 - Scopello (Trapani)

0924 541216

0924 541216