Politeama Square

Situated in the central position, the vicinities of the ancient theatre from which it takes the name and that it came inaugurated in 1874, still incomplete and to opened sky, with "the Capuleti and the Montecchi" of Vincenzo Bellini the Bed & Breakfast "POLITEAMA" offer to possibility to visit on foot and with it facilitates Palermo of the nocturnal alleys in order to discover romantic and full atmospheres of vitality. Is a young solution and works them that it rises in a nevralgic point of the city such to guarantee the facility to you of every type of movement: you will be' easy to visit the fascinating outskirtses of the earth of Sicily that still conserve that receiving atmosphere typically southern; you can also, in least time, to catch up the wonderful sea that the island embraces and to discover, watching the same sunset that it inspired Ulisse, than between these Lydians the life does not seem more as well as bitter like that e' it lets you the shoulders.

The inner ones are study in order to offer the maximum to you of the ospitality in the simple and discreet way piu': the rooms much comfortable and are gracefully furnished with colors pastel season flowers, accessoriate of television in order to maintain your contact with the external world, pumps of heat, cetralized heating and termoacustic glasses in order to assure one to you just privacy and of the calm dreams; all this in a elegant context to the wished height of the vacation that.

via Emerico Amari, 112 - Palermo

091 7495314

091 7495314